Where Can You Buy A Fishing License? (5 Different Options)

Fishing is a great way to spend some enjoyable moments with family or friends, right? This is because we guys love to go on fishing trips. But do you know you’re not allowed to catch fish for recreational purposes without a license in around every state?

Well. As an angler,  I have experience catching fish in several states, around 10-12 years. I know everything properly about how to manage a license for fishing and other legal procedures of it. 

There are quite a few places for buying a fishing license. Generally, local tackle shops, nearer Walmart stores, Hunting and Fishing Departments of your state, and some other government earmarked offices are commonplace to buy a fishing license legally. 

In this article, I’m going to let you know where you can buy a fishing license from along with 5 different buying options. By reading my article, you will learn the essential information on the buying procedures and cost of fishing licenses in all 50 states. So consider reading this article from top to bottom. 

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3 Places From Where You Can Buy A Fishing License:

I buy my fishing license usually from these below-mentioned 4 places. You can try any of these places according to your wish:  

  • Local Tackle Shops: 

Some of your local tackle shops work as agents of governments for issuing fishing licenses. You can easily purchase a fishing license from any of these agent stores. So, find a tackle shop in your locality to buy a fishing license legally. 

  • States’ Hunting and Fishing Department:

Every state has its hunting and fishing department. You also can visit your current state’s hunting and the fishing department to buy a license. So, contact the officials.

  • Government Earmarked Offices:

There are also a few government offices that also issue fishing licenses for the people. You can collect your fishing license from the same office that disseminates motor vehicle licenses in some states. So, find out such government earmarked offices in your state to buy your fishing license. 

All of these 3 places legally sell the license for fishing. So you can buy a fishing license from any of them.

5 Different Options For You To Buy A Fishing license In 2021: 

From my experience, here I’ve listed the 5 different options for you to buy a fishing license in 2021. You can go through any of these options: 

  • Online: 

You can get a fishing license online. Probably, this is the most comfortable option for you to get a fishing license in less time possible. All you need to do is to visit the state website where you live these days. Then fill their provided form with the information that the officials ask from you. 

Usually, a fishing license buying form asks your name, age, email address, contact number, which package you want to choose, payment method, and other general information. By using a debit or credit card, you can easily fulfill the payment procedures. 

After completing this form, click the submit option. Hopefully, the authorities will contact you soon if they require any further information. When your application is approved, they will send you an official confirmation letter. Just print it out and go fishing legally.

  • Local Walmart Store: 

The most common option for buying a fishing license is to visit any nearest local Walmart store. Note that the government has authorized Walmart to issue fishing licenses for anyone (on behalf of the government). In almost every state, you can buy your fishing license legally from a local Walmart store.

If you do not understand the buying procedures, don’t worry; your local Walmart store’s officials will help you complete the procedures. It is the best option for those who are not experts in online dealing.

Without facing any difficulties, you can buy a fishing license from the Sports & Outdoors section of your nearer Walmart store. Most likely, this is the easiest option for many of us. So, try it out.

  • Phone Call: 

Another convenient way of buying a fishing license is over phone calls. You can either call your local government office’s hunting and fishing department or call the Walmart store near you. 

An employee or official will receive the call and ask for some information from you to issue the license. Provide them the accurate information that they ask. 

  • Email: 

You can also request a fishing license from the local government hunting and fishing department or nearer Walmart store by sending an email to their official addresses. After receiving your email in the reply, they will inform you of applying procedures for a fishing license.

This method may take a little bit of time. However, it’s still one of the best options, especially for those who want to go fishing the other day or week. Otherwise, try another option that is convenient for you. 

6 Different Types Of Fishing Licenses That You Can Buy:

Before buying a fishing license, you must be clear about which type you require For this reason, I include the types of fishing licenses in this article.

The authorities usually issue 6 different types of fishing licenses. Here are these:

  • Sports Fishing license: 

Sports fishing licenses are generally issued for sports enthusiasts. This type of fishing license is available with both lifetime unified or yearly renewal facilities.

  • One- Day Fishing license: 

One-day fishing licenses are issued for non-resident persons. This type of license is valid only for a single day. 

  • Five-Day Or Three-Day Fishing license:

Five- day or three-day fishing license is issued for non-resident persons. It is a customized type license mostly bought by those who want to enjoy their vacation period fishing.

  • Ten- Day Fishing license:

A ten-day fishing license is similar to a five-day or three-day. They are valid for 10 days of recreational fishing. 

  • Annual Or Yearly Fishing license:

This type of fishing license requires annual renewal regularly. Buyers need to renew it every year to keep the validity. 

  • Lifetime Fishing license: 

Lifetime fishing licenses come with various subcategories such as resident, non-resident, disabled resident, senior citizen, adult, and youth. Buyers need to choose the appropriate sub-categories for him/her while buying this type of license.

Fishing License

How Much Is A Fishing License? (Every State’s Price For 2021)

Prices of a fishing license vary from state to state. There are also some other factors, such as a person’s age, non-resident or resident of the state, the duration of the license, and whether it’s for saltwater or freshwater fishing, which directly influences the cost of a fishing license.

Below I make a table on the cost of every state’s fishing license. So, see the table carefully to know about your current state fishing license cost:

Serial Number

State Name

Annual Fee Of Non-Resident License

Annual Fee Of Resident License

Alabama $53.30 (Freshwater)

$52.20 (Saltwater)

$13.85 (Freshwater)

$24.35 (Saltwater)

Alaska $145.00 $29.00
Arizona $55.00 $37.00
Arkansas $50.00 $35.50
California $137.73 $51.02
Colorado $96.75 $34.75
Connecticut $63.00 $32.00
Delaware $22.50 $11.00
Florida $47.00 (Freshwater)

$47.00 (Saltwater)

$17.00 (Freshwater)

$17.00 (Saltwater)

Georgia $50.00 $15.00
Hawaii $26.00 $6.00
Idaho $98.25 $30.50
Illinois $31.50 $15.00
Indiana $35.00 $17.00
Iowa $48.00 $22.00
Kansas $52.50 $27.50
Kentucky $55.00 $23.00
Louisiana $60.00 (Freshwater)

$30.00 (Saltwater)

$9.50 (Freshwater)

$13.00 (Saltwater)

Maine $64.00 $25.00
Maryland $30.50 (Freshwater)

$22.50 (Saltwater)

$20.50 (Freshwater)

$15.00 (Saltwater)

21. Massachusetts $37.50 (Freshwater)

$10.00 (Saltwater)

$27.50 (Freshwater)

$10.00 (Saltwater)

22. Michigan $76.00 $26.00
23. Minnesota $51.00 $25.00
24. Mississippi $60.00 (Freshwater)

$30.00 (Saltwater)

$25.00 (Freshwater)

$10.00 (Saltwater)

25. Missouri $42.00 $12.00
26. Montana $111.00 $31.00
27. Nebraska $76.00 $38.00
28. Nevada $80.00 $40.00
29. New Hampshire $63.00 (Freshwater)

$11.00 (Saltwater)

$45.00 (Freshwater)

$11.00 (Saltwater)

30. New Jersey $34.00 $22.50
31. New Mexico $56.00 $25.00
32. New York $50.00 $25.00
33. North Carolina $45.00 (Freshwater)

$32.00 (Saltwater)

$25.00 (Freshwater)

$16.00 (Saltwater)

34. North Dakota $45.00 $16.00
35. Ohio $50.96 $25.00
36. Oklahoma $55.00 $25.00
37. Oregon $110.50 $44.00
38. Pennsylvania $52.90 $22.90
39. Rhode Island $35.00 $18.00
40. South Carolina $35.00 (Freshwater)

$35.00 (Saltwater)

$10.00 (Freshwater)

$10.00 (Saltwater)

41. South Dakota $67.00 $28.00
42. Tennessee $54.00 $38.00
43. Texas $68.00 $40.00
44. Utah $75.00 $34.00
45. Vermont $54.00 $28.00
46. Virginia $71.00 $39.50
47. Washington $84.50 (Freshwater)

$59.75 (Saltwater)

$29.50 (Freshwater)

$30.05 (Saltwater)

48. West Virginia $37.00 $19.00
49. Wisconsin $50.00 $20.00
50. Wyoming $92.00 $24.00

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost At Walmart 2021? 

Walmart does charge a small processing fee with the rate of government for issuing a fishing license. Below I make a table that will inform you the cost of different license packages for fishing that Walmart issues in 2021:

Fishing license Packages OF Walmart


The annual fishing license fee for a non-resident  $40
Fishing license cost for residents (Age between 16 to 65) $19
Fishing license cost for residents (Age 66 or more) $10
Single-day license for a resident or non-resident $11
Three-day fishing license for a tourist $19
Duplicate license to replace one that’s been lost, damaged, or theft  $4


I hope that this table will help you find out the best deal when you will go to purchase a fishing license.

Can You Buy A Fishing License for Someone Else?

Every state of the USA permits you to buy a fishing license for someone else under some terms and conditions. You can buy a fishing license on behalf of those: 

  • Non-residents.
  • Your spouse.
  • Your children who are above 16 years old.

Last Few Words:

Buying a fishing license is mandatory in every state of the USA. You need to be careful of the fraud sellers of fishing licenses. I am sure my article will be the perfect one for you when thinking about buying a fishing license.

Let me know in the comment box what the cost of a fishing license in your state is, and which place do you like to buy it from? I wish you happy fishing in a legal way.

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