Waterproof Fly Fishing Backpack With Rod Holder – 2021

Water is very harmful to your fishing tools and gear. For this reason, it’s very important to keep your all necessary gears from the touch of water. To realize the inconvenience. many brands have designed a waterproof fly fishing backpack with a rod holder that is made from water-resistant materials. Meanwhile, it allows you to carry all the pieces of stuff, easy to use, and keep your tools dry the whole day.

I can remember my first time fishing experience, I went fishing without a waterproof backpack with me. As a result, I ended up drenching all kinds of stuff in the water as my beg fell. That time, I realized how important it’s to have a waterproof backpack for the fishing journey.

Are you confused to choose the right backpack for fishing? Read this article and you will get a clear idea.

Let’s jump right in…

Why do you need a fly fishing backpack with a rod holder?

Before heading out, you must pack your bag with essentials. But if you don’t have a suitable backpack, then it will be tough to keep on track. To make your fishing experience most pleasant, several brands have come up with many types of backpacks.

There are differences between a normal backpack and a waterproof fly fishing backpack with rod holder. It is specially made to keep stuff dry and to carry a fishing rod, gears, tools, and other essentials. It has spacious space to carry food and commodities for anglers to enjoy every bit of fishing. It is different than a normal backpack in the storage system.

Some are easy to carry on back, some have wheels. According to classifications, each type of fishing needs several backpacks. We will be having a look at some of the best handpicked.

Types of waterproof fly fishing backpacks:

Generally, there are three types of backpacks: traditional, sling, chest, and waist. These have different purposes, designs, storage, and size. There are also various types of waterproof fishing tackle backpacks.

Here are some of the best and convenient according to your plan.

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

This backpack is a durable, well-made water-resistant fishing knapsack.

The Thunderhead Submersible Backpack is crafted from Fishpond’s ultra-durable lined reprocessed nylon fabric. While it’s viable this fabric may want to puncture in case you fall down an abrupt and rocky hill at the same time as looking over. There is a possibility that you might fall numerous instances to rip via it.

This has a unique line of zippers that are specially made for waterproof bags. The material is very durable and long-lasting. It will not break so easily. It is very convenient for usage.

This brand makes you the ultimate bag of all time. Once you get your hands on one bag, you will surely understand how exclusive it is. It will be your all-time companion as you will fall in great love with it. It gives you that extra leverage.

Like every other waterproof fly fishing backpack, you will get a small pouch with it. You can keep any small important thing in it. You can also dispatch it from the main bag.

It also comes with a detachable hip belt with a strap in every facet for pliers. Overall, the creation is outstanding. This fishpond backpack is hands down the most rated bag on the internet by buyers.

Fishpond helps you to connect a number of its torso packs. This helps you to hold often used fly packing containers and add-ons prematurely and ready. Besides, Fishpond has a rod holder system. Which gives it extra credit for versatility.

Its approximate length is 1,648 cubic inches of sporting volume. A closing observes here is that they give an extraordinary water-resistant fishing backpack, which is excellent, however, the cloth seems is not pretty as brawny. So you might not choose because of this drawback.

Orvis Waterproof Backpack

Orvis Waterproof Backpack

The Orvis Waterproof Backpack carries the whole thing very fit. Although it’s a chunk smaller than a few water-resistant fishing backpacks in this list. However, the indoors are prepared with some on-hand zippered compartments.

There is also a D-ring at the again and 3 different accent attachment points. You get an extra beneficent outside pocket, alongside water bottle carrying pockets. Also, it has covered rod holding strips, and you could easily put in a water bottle pocket for additional security.

The zipper is made from high-quality material. It will not break easily. Made for heavy usage. So no worries with the performance. Even if it breaks, you can fix it in any chain shop. You can also repair it by seeing some DIY tutorials on YouTube.

The nylon fabric is quite firm. We liked the excellent padding at the bottom. That’s beneficial whilst you need to defend digital tools or electronics inside your bag. That’s the type of component we now and again overlook is the interior while we drop our bags at the rocks.

It is also multifunctional. One can use it as a shoulder sling, crossbody, handbag, chest bag, etc. The zippers of the backpack are made of good material. Although you won’t get much space like other backpacks. Moreover, too many clips can be somewhat disturbing.

Patagonia Storm front Waterproof Fly fishing Backpack

Waterproof Fly fishing Backpack

You will find the Patagonia Stormfront Pack is illusorily and simple when you first look at it. It appears way simpler than it is. On one side, it has much less stuffing. It’s now no longer uncomfortable or that maximum humans might be overloading their fishing backpacks anyway.

The most important frame is crafted from covered nylon. The zipper is also made from very good material. So there is no compromise in terms of the quality. There are several pockets. Both small and large. You can keep your stuff as you like in the pouches. There are enough spaces within the pockets.

Patagonia consists of slim chain loop sections at the lower back. In addition to numerous accent attachment factors constructed into the water-resistant material exterior. The Stormfront consists of rod tube straps. However, you will not be getting a padded hip belt.

There is also a rod holder. So you won’t have to worry about placing your fishing rod.

Simms Dry Creek Z Fishing Waterproof Fly Fishing Backpack

Simms Dry Creek Z Fishing Waterproof Fly Fishing Backpack

The Simms Dry Creek Z Fishing Backpack is another superb water-resistant backpack for fly fishing. At first sight, it appears like a rivalry. However, there are numerous structures, beginning with its new kind of zipper.

The Dry Creek Z’s water-resistant TruZip zipper is a self-repairing, spikeless zipper that can provide 100% protection. The shoulder straps are padded. Your shoulder will not hurt because of it. There is also a hip belt attached to the bag. So it helps to balance the overall weight of the bag.  

The returned panel is also cushioned. The material is a rugged 300D polyester ripstop with an outdoor PU coating and internal TPU lamination. If you want to slide a longer-treated net right into an internet case.

Lastly, the Simms Dry Creek Z Fishing Backpack has a fab incorporated casing. You can try to make a hole on the outer shell at the anterior of the backpack so that it rides up. One greater thing is the Simms Dry Creek Simple Pack is a barely smaller, 25-liter roll-pinnacle water-resistant backpack.

YETI Panga Backpack 28

YETI Panga Backpack 28

The YETI Panga Backpack 28 is a jagged waterproof backpack. It is simply on a stand-up paddleboard or trekking withinside the rain as it’s far from fishing. Like all other YETI equipment, the Panga Backpack is specially built for severe robustness.

It has some notable properties, beginning with the big water-resistant zipper. The zipper covers ways down the edges of the backpack, by creating it smooth to reach the equipment. You will receive a double set of daisy chain loops at the outside that you could use as attachment factors for add-ons or a net. Additionally, it covered 3 holders one on the pinnacle and at the edges.

You are probably wondering, who cares about greater handles. It has great significance as it holds the weight of the bag. If the holder is not strong and stout enough, there is a great possibility that it is going to tear apart. All your belongings will be in trouble by then.

The grabber has multipurpose usage. You can keep an indoor sleeve for a laptop, pill at the side of a mesh pocket that’s for keys. The waist belt is only a strap. However, you could additionally effortlessly get rid of it in case you don’t want it.

So, here ends the list of some of the best fly fishing backpacks that are waterproof.


The last thing on earth you would want is your vital equipment to get wet. That’s why you want a waterproof fly fishing backpack with a rod holder. Imagine yourself in a far-off area on a long-deliberate experience someplace in the wilderness.

You also have to look out for the weather. These bags are made for heavy-duty fishing. So you will not have to worry much about endurance or durability. However, everything needs care and proper maintenance.

Even though the bags are made for heavy-duty purposes, you have to take care of them anyway. That is how you can make your bag stay fresh for years.

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