Walleye Fishing Tips [That Will Make You Pro]

Are you a beginner fishing enthusiast and love to catch walleye fish? Want to know the best walleye fishing tips? It is commonly freshwater fish with an excellent golden and olive color combination. Besides, the walleye is long and sleazy in size with two fins into its backrest. Walleye is a part of the perch family and is much famous as a stocked game. Many times, people mistake other fish like a walleye. Though walleye is entirely different from other fish. In this guide, I will discuss walleye fishing secrets. So that you won’t mistake figuring out the right walleye fish in your next fishing tour. If you do not want to miss it, you can read this article once.

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 Timetable for Walleye Fishing:

walleye fishing

Time consideration is mandatory for walleye fishing. Because, except for some specific time, catching the walleye might be a difficult task. It will be easier while fish are taking food in very early morning and evening. Better to go before half an hour of the evening and before half an hour of sunrise. I think 6.00 to 9.00 am and 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm will be the best time for walleye fishing. You will find this time is expert recommended in the maximum walleye fishing videos. Besides, walleye is worked better in a cloudy and rainy environment than in sunny conditions. Because these fish are love to live and eat in the sullen areas. Spring and fall walleye fishing is the perfect time for walleye’s feeding. So, try to go on this schedule for walleye fishing.

Find a location to see the walleye spawn:

walleye fishing location

Walleye spawn makes it easy to identify their location. These eggs hatch in the frigid temperature between 44 to 50 degrees in spring. The standard temperature is roaming over the country several times. One of the secret Canadian fishing tips is that: a walleye spawn in February through south Canada.

Similarly, walleye fish are spawned in may through the mid-west and up to Jun in the north side of the country. It depends on the location-wise temperature. A non-depth and calm water of coves and streams are perfect for spawn hatching of this fish. For this reason, they change their location as you know where can a walleye stay in which situation. So, it is easier to catch them. Apply it during your fishing trip.

 Color selection during walleye fishing:

All color doesn’t suit the walleye’s fish. As a conscious person, you have to learn the walleye’s color reactions. Otherwise, fish can understand your attendance and move from there instantly. It can change depending on the times.

Most importantly, the red, green, and orange color profoundly impact their eyesight. So, try to avoid these while you are fishing. Keep in mind this color may be right for walleye fishing Tips in sunny times. But select grey, white or black color for night fishing.

Secret rules to catch shore walleye fish at night:

Do you know, how to catch walleye from shore? Typically, the walleye species fish want to eat over the night because of love the calm and dark light through the shore areas. Proven research says that walleye like more the night environment to roaming and eating on the water. In the sunlight, they can’t properly move from one place to another. One of the best beneficial tips for shore anglers is to try to feed the walleyes at night. Because fishes try to come into the non-depth areas while the night is growing. So, it is an excellent chance to catch them with your family fishing travel at night. First of all, sit on a rock or weed line and prepare your fishing rod with a light bait like slip or crankbait. Cast the bait until you find the fish. Try to cover all areas besides you so that the fish will not get out of the catch. A boat with fish catching access may help you a lot. You can set the lures or bait on the boat. It has a high possibility to get more abundant walleye.

 Best worm and leeches to catch walleye:

It is better to use small species of fish or worms to catch walleye. Because this species is not quickly attracted by plastic lures. There are three best lures for them. The nightcrawlers, leeches, and minnow are good for walleye. All of these can grab fish through the years. Minnow works best while the water temperature is cold. So, use minnows in the evening and early morning.

On the other hand, a nightcrawler will work best for comparatively hot temperatures.

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