How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades [5 Mistakes Everyone Makes]

How to sharpen ice auger blades

Let’s go outdoor. What’s the most important tool you think for the icy season? Yes, the ice auger to drill the ice and pull out the water below. In the winter season, the water is covered by ice and you need to use an ice auger. Like the entire sharp thing, an ice auger blade needs to be sharpening also. Do you know how to sharpen auger blades?

There are many types of ice auger and they have different blades and they get blunt after using so many times. However, in this content, you will find ways to sharpen auger blades, why you need to use them, and different types of ice auger.

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What is an Ice Auger and Why you Need to Sharp the Auger Blades?

Ice augers are a large drill bit or screw with angled sharp blades. It circulates and rotates with the help of a vertical axis and makes a hole in the ice. It’s an important tool to dig into the ice.

You need to sharpen your auger blades regularly to get a better result from your machine. The efficiency depends on the sharp blades of ice auger. However, it is a maintenance job to do regularly. By shaping the blades you will need less time to drill or dig with an ice auger.

How to Use an Ice Auger?

If you want to get through the ice then you need to get helped from your ice auger machine. The question is that- how to use it? Well, it’s very easy to use as a beginner also. All you need to do is that you should hold the machine perpendicular to the ground. If it is motor operated then press the button to start rotating. Yet, you will find some other types of ice auger that come with hand rotating availability. In that case, you need to run the tool by your hand. This machine or tool that you say is very essential to drill the ice and get through it.

It’s time to fishing in the ice and now you can make holes in the icy place. Make sure that you hold the ice auger straight and so that the hole creates perfectly.

Different Types of Ice Auger

Generally, there are three kinds of ice auger in the market at present. They are-

  • Hand ice auger
  • Gas operated ice auger
  • Electric operated auger

Hand Ice Auger

It’s a convenient tool to get through the ice. There is a handle at the beginning of the tool. You need to rotate the handle by one hand to make a hole. This is the easiest way to make a drill through the ice.

Gas Operated Ice Auger

This type of ice auger works with gas which is very much popular at present. Eskimo ice auger is one of them. They are very good at their performance. You will not feel any pressure when you start drilling.

Electric Ice Auger

This new type of ice auger is operated by electric power.  You will find a corded Electric ice auger and battery-charged ice auger.

Ice Auger Blades Sharpening

There is also a dirt auger that exists for drilling dirt. Do you know how to sharpen dirt auger blades? The sharpening process is the same for both types of auger. To sharp the blades like- nils ice auger blades and mora ice auger blades, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Pull out the Blade

After using an ice auger for several days you need to pull out the blade part from the machine. Do, it carefully so that you don’t get hurt by the blunt blade.

STEP 2: Take a course stone

In this step, you should take a course stone and place your blade in a flat position. The cutting sharpens edge should remain facing you. Now grind the stone upwards until the blade canted.

STEP 3: Blade Rubbing

Now rub the blade against the stone and follow step three. Rub the blade for three or four times.

STEP 4: Continuation of the process

In this step, you need to do the same process by repeating steps 3 and 4.

Step 5: Finalization

Now, when you see that your blade is thin and looked very shiny then you should stop rubbing. In the time of rubbing make sure you use some lubricating elements to avoid excessive friction.  Once you are done you need to re-insert the blade to the machine.


  1. What is more ice auger drill adapter?

–  A drill adapter is used for charging the batteries and you can install the adapter in a mora ice auger.

  1. Any ice auger sharpening service near me?

– It depends on your area where you live. However, I will recommend you to do this task by yourself as it is an easy task to do and time-consuming.

  1. Where is StrikeMaster located?

– StrikeMaster is a brand name for ice auger manufacturing. It is one of the largest manufacturers and it is situated in CANADA. You will find them in 17 different countries also.

Additional Tips

There are some additional tips that you should follow when working sharp ice auger blades. They are-

  • You need to be very careful while opening the parts and keep them safe so that you don’t lose any part in the time of reassembling it.
  • Be careful with the metallic part of the auger otherwise it may harm you.
  • Put on your gloves to avoid an unnecessary accident.

Final Note

As you have known the process of sharpening the ice auger blades you should sharpen the blade regularly. However, you should ask for any reachable place to sharpen your blade. It’s a simple and easy task to sharp the blade of the ice auger. Be careful while sharpening the blade edges as it may become very sharp and can create an unexpected accident. In the time of re-inserting the blade, you should remain very careful also. Use an ice auger for making holes and it’s easy.

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