How to Put Fishing Line On A Closed Face Reel [Make More Money]

How to Put Fishing Line On A Closed Face Reel

A Closed face and spin-cast reel refer to the same things. It is essential for freshwater fishing. Moreover, it is compact and straightforward to use in any severe condition. The connection of a fishing reel with a line is the most crucial factor in fishing. If you can’t set up the front and reel properly, then you may be going to waste your valuable lures and hardworking into the weeds and snags. Now I will share with you how to put fishing line on a closed face reel far quickly. Hopefully, you don’t miss this step-by-step guide of the best way to put a new line on a fishing reel.

How to put a fishing line on a closed face reel

Though it seems natural to add a fishing line with a closed-faced reel is an easy task, but it is a tricky task. Here are the more natural and quicker two methods you can use to put the line with the closed face reel. You will learn how to fix a spin cast reel within a short time.

First Method:

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to unscrew the top pin of the reel. In the case of some coil, you may find a one-clickable extract button.

Step 2:

After unscrewing the reel, put out the old line which already has, and connect the new one. For backup support, the old line can put with the new line, but you should take proper space for the new line.

Step 3:

It is time to spool the new line into the notches of the pinhole. Now make an arbor knot. It needs to connect the line with the closed face reel. Be sure that the knot is tightened correctly or not. Must tight the knot. If you have put the old reel as well as the new one, then you can knot these two reels together.

Step 4:

In this step, the top notches pin needs to screw on the back. Pull the new line very well and put the high bolt, in the end, to screw correctly. Keep in mind that the back-top cone should not have any twist or tangle around the spool.

Step 4:

Now reel the new line. Put the reel on the floor and start to spin the new line. This process helps the wire free from twist and tangle. Put some tension during the line reel. As a result, it will be active. Take care so that there are no entanglements inside and outside.

Step 5:

Now the line has to be spool with some space on the reel. Never fill the bobbin correctly. It is best practice to keep a gap of 1/8th inches from the reel spool.

Final step:

In the end, you have to run the line by the reel guides. Attach the lures or bait on the hook and go fishing with your new path.

So many people asked for the process of how to put a fishing line on a baitcasting reel. It is not such a big deal. But you have remembered to manage some essential things for it. These are monofilament fishing line, lineman’s pliers, long screwdriver, and practice plug.

Second Method:

First Step:

Remove the notches cover of your closed face reel clockwise and enter the new line through the ring guides. Here, ring guides use for avoiding entanglements. Run it from the top part of the coil.

Second Step:

Spool the line in this step. The new line must rotate in the same direction as the reel. Break the line into two-part leave enough space for the knot. Whenever the spool rotates clockwise, you should twist the wire counterclockwise.

Third Step:

Set an arbor knot against the reel very tightly so that it can’t be undone in the next time. For entering the new line, you have to crank handling. Press with your finger to keep the front straight. During the latest line run leave frees pace between the spool and the reel up to 0.32 cm. Because of proper fill, it can come back again.

Final Step:

Now cover the reel top again. Be sure that there is no twist on the line. Hook your bait on the new line.

the Closed face is the overall guide of the single-face reel set up. A large number of anglers would like to know how to put a fishing line on an open face reel. But I think the private face is far better than a public face reel.

Type of Line you should use for Closed Face Reel

A closed-face fishing reel is best for a freshwater fishing trip. All of the lines don’t suit with single face reel. So, here is the best line for closed face fishing reel.

  • Monofilament line
  • Fluorocarbon fishing line
  • Braided fishing line


How do you Respool a spinning reel?

It is easier than you can’t think. For re-spooling your spinning reel, flipping up the handle and open the bail. Now string the line straightly by the circular guides on the bottom of the rod. And connect the line with the spool with an arbor knot. After completing the knot, cut the additional part of the track before closing the bail.

Final Words:

I hope you have got a bright idea on how to put a fishing line on a closed-faced reel from my above discussion. The connection between the coil and the line is vital for an enjoyable and comfortable fishing trip. It may seem steep at first, but you know how easy it is now. Typically, you should change your fishing line once a year because a string has becoming destroy for regular use. I believe you can now connect the closed-faced reel with the fishing line very well. If you still have a problem, then you can leave me a comment in the below box.

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