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how to make fishing leaders

A fishing leader is a little but efficient device that protects the lures or baits from the sharp edge of the rock and the healthy teeth of the monster. It also helps the lures and lines invisible to the fish. The 9-15 inches Leader are generally used for the sharp teeth of larger fish like Northern Pike, Spanish Mackerel, and Muskies. Often appropriate and quality leaders might not find in the market. So, what to do now? Please make it yourself. But do you the making process? Don’t worry more. Now I am going to discuss with you how to make fishing leaders for saltwater and freshwater fishing trip. I hope this step-by-step guide will be helpful for you.

How to make fishing leaders

how to make fishing leader

There are two types of leader-making methods. Both have some pros and cons. The line leader is less tooth resistant than the wire leader but it is comparative much soft. As a result, you feel comfortable using it. Besides a wire leader is influential and can protect more massive fish bites. For your convenience, I am discussing both of the methods.

Wire Leader

fishing wire leader

Step1:Essential materials

As you are going to make it at your excellency, so you must have to manage some mandatory equipment to make the fishing leader.

  • 1-foot wire between 20-50 pounds test
  • A single snap and a swivel
  • Two sleeves similar to the wire diameter
  • A wire cutter
  • Crimping tools or pliers
  • Lure/Hook

Here one thing is crucial that the right size of snap might not be found for the swivel. What happens to me. In this case, I have a suggestion to use a single snap and swivel. If you have already connected two of these, remove them from each other. Though the connection of swivel and snap is secure, you can use a small size screwdriver. Now, apart from the catch from the caster and re snap it.

Step2: (Leaders making Process)

In this step unroll a piece of 1-foot wire depending on how much time you use the leader. Now put a crimp and set it under the leader. Then you have to put the open edge of the wire and attach it into the swivel and back inside the crimp. Tightened the fishing knot very carefully so that won’t come apart during a water trip. You can use a crimp tool to end it correctly. Finally cut the wire according to your spending time. You can make all of the leaders by following the same process.

Line Leader 

Step1:Essential materials

  • 1-foot 65 lb. fishing line
  • A nail clipper to cut the power pro
  • Screwdriver
  • A snap
  • A swivel
  • Lure
  • Needle-nose plier

Step2: Leader making process

It is a little bit different from the leader one. Two leader needs a braided fishing line while one leader needs a wire. Let’s know how to put a leader on a fishing line. Firstly, tie your swivel with a 15-inch braided fishing line for a 12-inch leader. Use a leader knot from line to leader. Apart from the snap and swivel from each other if you have a snap-swivel. Now snip the end of the one edge and snap on the other side. You have done it completely.

Fishing leader for saltwater fishing

If you want to handle bigger and toothy fish in the saltwater, you must need a fishing leader. Because a leader can easily save the lure and fishing line from the attack of a big monster, it protects maximum the hook and lure from a big bite or destroy from steep, sharp rocks. Moreover, a leader will help you to use a thinner line which is best for extended line capacity. In the big snook, sea trout and redfish catching need a fishing leader.

Size of leader line should you use

Though there is no specific line size for targeted fish it depends on some criteria. For example, the water condition, fish size, and the environmental condition around you. But from long experience, I can give you some advice. You can follow the below chart for the best average sizes.

  Fish Name Mono leader braid leader
Redfish, trout and flounder 20lb to 25 lb. 10lb
Snook on the flats 25lb to 30 lb. 10lb.
Snook and redfish in the inlets 40lb to 60lb. 20lb to 30 lb.
Tarpon and cobia on the flats 50lb to 80lb. 20lb to 40lb.

Purpose of a fishing leader

A fishing leader can use it for various purposes. But here I figure out the most crucial fishing leader’s purpose for saltwater and freshwater.

  • To protect the lures and hooks from the hard fish bite.
  • Make the line and lures less visible to the fish
  • Longline capacity and casting power
  • Support to use thinner braided line.


  • How long should a fishing leader be?

Which leader you will be using depends on your needs in several conditions. But the ideal length for leader size starts from 9-foot. Similarly, a fly-fishing leader size should have 6-foot to 12-foot. Moreover, 7.5 feet is an excellent performer for bass fishing.

  • What is the best fishing leader for saltwater?

The best fishing leader line for saltwater is made of stainless steel materials. Steel is more durable to resist the large fish bite and also corrosion-resistant. Moreover, steel is best for surf fishing. Most of the fish in the surf fishing is with sharp teeth. So, if you use a steel leader, they can’t cut the fluorocarbon and monofilament line.

Final Words

I hope that is it clear to you how to make fishing leaders? Though, a fishing leader is not so much discussed matter even many don’t feel the importance to use it. But it has a reputation to save the many lost species of fish. Besides you can benefit from its other features. I recommend you some best leaders for saltwater fishing. On the other hand, the mono fishing leader is best for freshwater fishing and titanium best for shore fishing. Wish you can make your fishing leader easily.

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