Make Your Unbelievable Facts About Sluggo Hooks A Reality

Sluggo Hooks

Well, the thing about hooking is that, unlike other fishing tips such as if slugs are a good fishing bait if slugs are poisonous to fish or which fish types love to feed on slugs, and so on. No one actually ever lets you know how to Sluggo Hooks as your fishing bait. 

Though in the fishing world, few YouTubers post on a regular basis about their real-life fishing experience, they aren’t actually making you an expert angler for sure. 

When it comes to hooking a slug, most of us just try to thread a hook in any part of the slug’s body. Which is why we are not able to gain the best out of our fishing game, right?

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3 Simple Steps To Sluggo Hooks For Fishing

Therefore, read on further, in this article, I’ll teach you through some step-by-step professional guides about how to Sluggo Hooks, following which, hopefully, you will be able to catch your desired big mouth. So let’s get started:

  • Step 1: When you want to use slugs as fish bait, you need to know the anatomy of slugs so that your bait doesn’t drop down from your hook. First, cut the slugs into long pieces. You can also use frozen slugs patted with a little turmeric, spreading a strong scent to attract the nearby fish.
  • Step 2: Then hook the larger piece straight on a big hook. The ideal place for threading a hook in the middle of the backside of the slug, also known as a mantle. This mid-back spot provides structural support that helps hold off the slug on the hook.
  • Step 3: At last, freeline them and wait for the big fish. 

In this article, I’ll also go over some unknown facts you might not know about slug bait fishing.

So, let’s get into it!!!

Are Slugs Good as Fishing Bait?

Prior to answering this question, let me know: Does your target fish eat slugs as a natural diet? Yes, most of the freshwater fish feed on slugs. Because slugs and fish typically cohabitate in the same place like ponds, rivers, and lakes. 

Apart from this, slugs are often likely to fall into the water from the bank, making them an awesome bait for the chub. Therefore, it’s pretty logical that slugs are a part of fish’s natural diet. 

Whereas, you won’t probably notice a terrestrial slug if you are fishing sea-fish. Because slugs are very sensitive to salty conditions, making them unappetizing to fish. That’s why slugs are not suitable to use as bait in saltwater.

how to hook a slug

Are Slugs Endangered?

In fact, not many varieties of slugs are found on the planet. Though not all of them are endangered, yes, some among them are. Well, one of the endangered slugs is a blue-grey tail dropper that is tiny and colorful. 

Another such type of endangered one is the snakeskin hunter slug once found in South Africa, but not many are seen nowadays. Even though these slimy creatures look abominable, they play a vital role in our ecosystem.

Can You Hold A Slug?

Well, that’s a creepy question. If I were there, I wouldn’t even go near a slug let alone holding one. But yes, you can hold them if you want. But don’t let it crawl on your body as they excrete mucus which can cause an allergic reaction to your skin, leading to acute itching and blisters.

So, if you experience one of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

Is a Slug Different From a Snail?

Of course, a slug is different from a snail to a great extent. Though we see most people think slugs and snails are of the same kind if slug lacks its shell. But this is not the right way to distinguish a slug from a snail. 

Before proceeding any further, let us tell you an interesting thing- some slug types are found to carry a hard protective shell hidden inside their body. So, it’s clear to you that slugs and snails are two different creatures though they are not easily differentiable.

Are Snails Good As Fishing Baits?

The answer is yes. The meaty snails can be a brilliant bait for chub due to their dark color. Sometimes, fish become cautious of the corn and that’s when snails can be great to lure fish. 

Do Slugs Work As Bait?

They really do. As we mentioned earlier, slugs are awesome to thread on the hook. But, it is interesting to note that you can also use slugs as bait without using any hook because your target fish might just get stuck to the slug due to their slimy mucus.

Who Eats Slugs?

Some birds like song thrushes, hedgehogs, and toads love to feed on slugs. So if you want to attract your favorite songbirds into your garden, the best way can be to put some slugs in your garden.

Apart from this, typical freshwater fish species such as perch, bass, carp, walleye, catfish, and pike eat slugs. But some predatory fish species like pike don’t usually like to feed on small worms like slugs. But, filter feeders including catfish and carp will gladly consume them. 

Is it Cruel To Put Salt On Slugs?

Yes, it is. As slugs are sensitive to saline conditions, If you sprinkle salt on slugs, it will gradually dissolve their bodies. So, no doubt, this is the most brutal way to kill slugs.

Can A Slug Bite You?

Slugs have 27,000 teeth in their mouth. Sounds unbelievable, right? Shell-less mollusks are typically known as slugs and are usually seen in moist and damp areas. 

Though we haven’t found any report of the incidents of a slug bite that was severely complicated.

How To Keep Slugs Alive?

In order to keep your slugs alive and healthy, you need to spray the container with adequate water every once in a while. As slugs need water, without it, they will dehydrate and eventually die. You can also change the substrate once a week to provide your pet with a healthy habitat.

Final Words: 

Okay, there you have it. I hope, after going through this article carefully, you’ve already come to know how to Sluggo Hooks. Since slugs are awesome fishing bait, using them you can gain more from your next fishing game for sure.

If you have got any other questions to know, put them in the comment box below. I would really love to hear them out.

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