Can You Go For Fishing in The Rain? Our Honest Opinion of 2021

Going to make your very fast fishing trip in the rain? Do you have any idea if it’s a good decision for you? If not, don’t worry. I’m an angler fishing for the last 10 years. And I have also passed through many nights on my fishing boat

Definitely, you can go Trout fishing in the rain. Rain won’t destroy the day. Instead, rain makes an ecosystem in the environment which helps fish wander here and there, and encourage them to eat more food

In today’s article, I’m going to discuss if it’s better to go Trout fishing in the rain. I will also share with you my favorite technique of fishing just after rain. So read the whole article at least once from top to bottom. 

Can You Go Fishing Before Tropical Storm? 

fishing in the rain

Yes. You can. Bass fish tend to be caught before a massive storm. Bass fish wander here and there to eat food before a tropical storm. So, you can make a fishing trip to target catching bass fishing before a tropical storm. 

What Common Fish Can Be Caught In The Rain? 

Depending on the season and lake or river, you can catch many different fish species. However, in my personal experience, you can catch these fish during rain. 

  • Saw Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Great White Shark
  • Barreleye
  • Whale Shark


Is It Good To Fish After Rain?

Yeah, if you are willing to hunt some bass, you should make a fishing trip after rain. Not to mention, you are even going to get some big chunks. Because at that time, earthworms, rodent burrows, and other insects get washed into the waterbody, making a great feast for the fish.

Rainy weather also makes lake fishing perfect for amateur fishers. Because lots of fish species tend to be active in dark conditions rather than in bright sunny weather, especially where the lake water is clear. 

Plus, rain aerates the surface water and typically creates a cooling effect, which helps activate fish.

Is It Better To Fish Before Or After Rain? 

In fact, when it comes to rain fishing, I would recommend going fishing before the rain. Because at that time the barometric pressure drops, which decreases air and water temperatures, making the fish crazy for feeding. 

Also, dim light gives fish such as bass and trout an advantage to feed on their prey with ease.

Is It Good To Fish In The Rain For Trout?

If you specialize in trout fishing, it is really good when it rains. In fact, rainy weather gives you more opportunities to capture a lot of trout. Trouts are more active in feeding activity during rainfall and cloudy weather because the rain falling makes the water darken and provides more oxygen too.

Whereas, they are typically glued to the bottom if it is a hot sunny day. So, when it comes to trout fishing in the rain, you need not worry about it as heavy rainfall encourages trout to eat before flooding arrives.

Plus, insects and other food sources fall into the water from the bank, making the trout frenzy for feeding. That’s to say, you can make the most out of your next trout fishing trip during a day out in the rain. 

Is Saltwater Fishing Good In The Rain?

saltwater fishing

In general, when it rains heavily, the salinity of the water decreases, pushing most fish species into deeper water. Since saltwater is denser than freshwater. And this is exactly because sea fishing is less effective in the rain.

But as an avid fisher, you should know how your local weather puts effects on the fish, and how they respond to it.

Is It Good To Fish For Bass In The Rain?

Well, fishing bass in the rain is a smart choice from my perspective. As bass are highly active while it’s pouring down, so you get to fish on the top of the water. 

Using simple bait like a buzz bait or jitterbug, you can draw their attention, and make the bass give a bite on your bait. 

Though bass fishing during rain is considered taboo to some amateur anglers, I recommend you should learn to like the rain. If you especially love bass fishing and want to get success on the water.

Other than that, the bass is most likely to roam to and fro while it’s bucketing down rather than while it’s sunny. One more advantage you can pick up from rain bass fishing is you won’t have to work hard to make them bite your bait. Since they become more aggressive to feed on while it’s raining.

Is Fishing In The Rain Worth It?

Yes, fishing is often better in the rain rather than on blue sky days. In fact, it depends on the water type you want to fish in as well as the amount of rain. 

In a river or creek, your fishing will often increase when the terrestrial insects are washed into the stream, making a better food source for fish.

From my experience, the rain adds extra oxygen to the water which fish really like, and I’ve always made the best out of fishing when the sky is gloomy. I think this happens because fish lacks eyelids, and that’s why they don’t like the sun.

But, I recommend you to follow your weather and fish an hour before the rain actually hits up. That is when the barometer drops down and you can pick up a lot of fish in no time. I especially target bass and other channel catfish during a rainout of all the other species. 

Though it’s a short period of time, it’s worked out well for me. But others might have bad luck. So your mileage can be different from mine. 

Overall, a little amount of rain is usually good for fishing. Because plenty of rain will muddy up the water in the end and will make the water level high as well, making the situation more difficult for you to fish.

Is Carp Fishing Better In The Rain?

carp fishing

Carp feeds really well on a rainy day. In fact, carp fishing during rain is much better than on bright sunny days. Because during this time Oxygen Levels improve to a great extent in the water. 

Which helps fish get more energy, and they are more likely to get up and roam in search of food. But, this is one among many factors that come into play for carp fishing while it’s raining. 

However, the biggest disadvantage is–if the rain becomes steady consistently, and causes the water temperature to drop down, carp may stop feeding. In that case, fish love to move on to a different warm spot of the lake or stream. 

Final Words: 

Now that you have come to know almost all the possible answers to your questions in respect of fishing in the rain, which prevented you from going Trout fishing in the rain over the years. Now, hopefully, you will have a great day fishing when it rains out there.

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