The Ultimate Guide To Things You Should Know About Bread Fishing Bait

So you’re thinking about fishing with bread. But you’re a little bit confused about whether or not you can fish with bread. It goes without saying that fishing with bread could give you a different experience today. Though it’s a little bit tricky, it’s a learnable skill. 

You can use bread as fishing bait. All you need to do is to make dough with a few loaves of bread and then perfume the dough. This bread dough bait can become the best alternative fishing bait when you have lack natural ones. 

In this article, I’m going to write down everything you need to know. Let’s look at a glance! 

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Do You Have To Add Anything Else With Bread? 

In my point of view, it’s not mandatory to add anything else with bread though adding perfume and herb items can bring the best result. 

What I personally do is purchase a packet of bread, I like most, and then make a dough with some water. You can do the same when you’re going to fish without any pre schedule or when you’re super busy with many other tasks. 

On the other hand, if the fishing trip is pre-scheduled or you have enough time, I highly recommend you to make dough from the loaves of bread, adding anise and species. This simple rule of thumb will help you to bring the best result with bread fishing bait. 

What Type Of Fish Can I Catch With Bread Bait? 

You can catch every type of fish at any season. Bread fishing bait is an excellent bait for both the summer and winter seasons. Bread dough is super useful to catch predator fish species. 

Anyway, I typically use bread bait to catch catfish and carp. These fish tend to eat whatever you offer them. 

Can Bread Bait be Used To Fish In Every Season? 

Bread fishing bait can be used in every season. A piece of bread is made out of flour, yeast, and salt which are very useful to fish. Let’s forget about bread. If you make bait with flour, salt, and yeast, fish tend to eat the bait. 

To the point, bread bait can be used to fish in every season. 

However, it dramatically brings the best result in the winter season. Only for this reason, you can make a fishing trip with bread bait in the winter season. 

Is Bread Bait One Of The Best Fishing Baits? 

Now let’s talk about whether bread bait is one of the best fishing bait

Although bread is a very useful and handy thing to make bait in no time, it cannot be considered as the best fishing bait. 

The reason is very simple. You cannot compare a bread dough to the mainstream fishing bait -insects, minnows, leeches, and warms for example. 

What’re The Advantages Of Fishing With Bread Bait?

  • Cheap: one of the most common advantages of fishing with bread is that a loaf of bread comes it at the cheapest price. And when you buy a packet of bread from any local store, you can not only use the loaves to fish but also feed your dogs and child. 


  • Readily available: Needless to say, bread is readily available in almost every store near you. 


  • Useful: Bread is very useful especially when you don’t have time to manage other fishing baits. When you make dough with some bread loaves, bait is ready. 

Does Bread Bait Come Off From The Lure Inside The Water?

It mainly depends on where you want to fish.  

If you’re going to fish in stagnant water; such as lake, fond, etc, bread bait won’t break up. On the other hand, if your intention is to fish into the heavy current of the river, lake, bread dough may come off at this time.  

To me, it’s not a big issue if bread bait comes off from the hook inside the water. What I’ve pointed out is that many of the amateur anglers don’t know how to perfectly put up bread bait with a hook. 

How To Perfectly Put Up Bread Bait With A Fishing Hook 

Now the question is how to put up bread dough to the fishing hook in order to protect it from coming off into the water. 

To be honest, it’s nothing but a piece of cake to put up bread dough to the fishing hook for those who super expect in fishing with mainstream bait. Because they know how to put up a minnow, or leech into the hook. 

Don’t worry if you’re a brand new angler as it’s a learnable skill. 

After making the dough, put the hook in the middle of the dough. This simple rule of thumb will make your fishing trip with bread very enjoyable. 

Will You Get Targeted Fish If You Use Bread As Fishing Bait? 

Are you going to fish any specific species? If it is, it’s time to rethink. 

Whatever predator fish or any other species you want to fish, the mainstream fishing bait; (minnows, leeches, worms, insects), is always the best choice to target any specific fish species. 

After all, never ever choose bread bait to fish any targeted fish species. 

Is Bread Bait The Best Substitute To The Mainstream Baits?

This is one of the most common questions I have been asked a lot of time over email. 

In a word, bread bait isn’t the best substitute for the mainstream baits since bread dough itself isn’t mainstream bait. 

A mainstream bait can be the best substitute to other mainstream baits, not a loaf of bread.  

Is Bread One Of The Best Fishing Bait? 

In a word, bread cannot be the best fishing bait since it’s made out of flour, yeast, and salt. The baits that come from nature are considered mainstream fishing bait. 

A piece of bread can be very useful but not the best bait to fish. 

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, you can use bread as fishing bait since bread is made out of edible things. But never consider bread dough is the best alternative to the mainstream bait. 

Plus, it’s necessary for you to learn how to put up bread dough into the fishing hook. 

Have a nice fishing journey

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