14 Days To A Better Bank Fishing Rod Holders For Catfishing

Have you ever caught a monstrous catfish? I used to watch a show called river monsters on the Discovery channel. The host/angler of the show caught catfish of the most bizarre size on the show. I have not got my hand on one of that size yet. However, I hope to soon.

Fishing rod holders are most important in bank fishing. There are many readymade rod holders available in the market. Monster rod holders are doing good. They are strong and durable.

However, many anglers prefer homemade fishing rod holders for bank fishing. They are easy to make and inexpensive. Fishing rod holders DIY are getting more popular and prevalent among anglers.

Here, I will share some information about catfishing and a DIY of making bank fishing rod holders for catfishing.

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Importance things to know about catfishing:

Know the water

One of the most preliminary parts of bank fishing is to know about the water. Start with having a good idea about how deep or shallow the water is. You can get in the water with your boat to have full knowledge of the water body.

Check if there are logs or vegetation on the water or not. You should know what you are getting into before laying down your gears.

Catfish can be of various sizes according to their atmosphere and water. It can be from the size of your hand to the size of your pet dog. No wonder why catfishing is so popular among experienced anglers as well.

Good rod holders

If you wish to get your hand on them, you should have some information on them. If you have done catfishing before, you will know there is a considerable amount of time between bites when you are catfishing. So, it can take a toll on your hand to hold your fishing rod all the time.

Not only for your hand, but rod holders also play a more important role in bank fishing. Catfishes are strong, so they resist well when they bite. Make sure the rod holders are firm on the ground and can take the pulling. 

You do not need an expensive fishing pole holder for the boat. The DIY ones can serve the purpose well as well if made correctly.

Look for an eddy

Eddy is the path in the water after obstruction. Obstruction or current break is the place where the current of the water changes its normal path. This obstruction happens because of particles in the water like a log, boulder, or vegetation. They shift how the water streams around it.

The stream is calmer in the eddy. You can spot catfishes easily on these water breaks. This is one of the easiest ways when you are bank fishing.

There are some specific spots on the water where catfish rest. Not only catfish but the fish they feed on rest there too. These spots are perfect for fitting your fish rod holders.

If you aren’t fishing in a river, still look for structures like logs or boulders. Small fish hides at such places and catfish know just where to go to fetch a meal.

These are some of the factors that you should consider while catfishing or bank fishing. The fishing pole holder for the boat plays an important role here. As I have already said, I prefer handmade fishing rod holder to the readymade expensive ones.

So, I will instruct you on DIY bank fishing rod holders for catfishing, which are easy to make and works fine.

DIY fishing rod holder for catfishing:

For making 6-rod holders, you will require-

Required materials:

  1. A 10-foot stick of 1 and 1/4 or 1 and a 1/2 diameter PVC pipe
  2. A 7/16-inch wrench and a 1/4-inch drill bit
  3. 10-12 feet of slotted angle
  4. A batch of 1/4 inch carriage nuts, bolts, and washers
  5. A grinder, jigsaw, air saw, or hack saw
  6. A drill
  7. A can of spray paint of any color

Step by step guideline:

  1. Start with cutting the 10-foot PVC into 12-inches pieces. Technically you can make 10 pieces from a 10-foot PVC pipe. But I have made 6 pieces. But I have made 6-pieces.

You can increase the number according to your need. Also, you can adjust the length of the rod holder as per your need. 12 inches work fine for almost all rod holders. 

  1. Now it is time to cut the angles. Cut them into 24 inches long. This length depends on the height of your holder. If you choose to make the rod holders longer, the angler will be longer as well.

The angler should be double the length of the handler. If the bank has a soft land, then also you should make the angler a bit longer. It will help to hold your holder on the ground.

  1. Now trim off one part of the angle like an arrow or a sharp edge. Make sure it is pointy enough to push the holder into the ground. 
  1. Cut six pieces of angle this way. You can now paint them with any color spray paint you like. Dry them completely to move into the next step. 
  1. Place a PVC at the angle. To do this, place the PVC on the angle in such a way that their head aligns. It will help you swat the holder of the fishing rod to the ground without breaking the PVC pipe.

At the top and bottom of the pipe, drill a notch on each of the sides. Utilize the angle holes as a reference.

      6. Insert 4 cart bolts from the interior of the PVC pipe into the angle. These bolts keep the inside of the holder                   safe with little to affect the holds of your fishing rods. Fasten the bolts with a wrench. And that’s it.

Modified Version:

There is another modified version of this rod holder if you do not have slotted angles. In that case, you will need steel rods. You will need a 20-inch steel rod for each holder. You can find them in any tool store.

You can find 3 foot by 3/8-inch rod steel in the market. Cut them into 18 inches. You can choose this length according to your preference.

You will need adjustable metal hose clamps for attaching the steel rod with the PVC pipe. Each holder will need two metal clamps. You will need 2-1/8-inch to 3-inch stainless steel metal clamps. You can buy the six-pack bag to save money.

Make sure to face the uneven side of the PVC pipe downwards. This homemade rod holder serves as a heavy-duty rod holder as well. They work just fine as rod holders for bank fishing. These rod holders stay firmly on the ground for a long time.

They also work as boat rod holders. You can fit them on your boat as well. They are super easy to make and inexpensive. The best advantage of a fishing rod holder DIY is that you have the liberty to fulfill all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to make fishing rod holders?

There are many ways to make DIY fishing rod holders. The easiest way to make one is using bent metal wiring. You can use PVC pipe for making the rod holders. They are easily available in the market and can be used to make holders of all sizes. 

Are homemade PVC rod holders good enough?

Yes, they are. Most of the expensive heavy-duty rod holders available in the market are made of them. PVC pipes are strong and sturdy. They are perfect for rod holders.

How much does homemade fishing rod holders cost?

That varies on the materials you use. You can make fishing rod holders within 7 dollars and 25 dollars as well. 

Importance of fishing rod holders for catfishing:

Catfishing is super fun and tiring as well. Catfishes have a wide range of sizes. These fishes are from the largest three species alive.

I have always loved catfishes because of their unique features. They can also be easy to catch if you are in the right place at the right time. However, it can get extra tiring if you are not.

You cannot possibly hold your fishing rod and reel all the time while you are bank fishing. Anglers use boat rod holders usually for trolling. But for bank fishing or catfishing, you need rod holders that you can store at the bank of the river you are fishing in.


Homemade bank fishing rod holders for catfishing are the easiest to make. DIY fishing rod holders for home/ garage can get a bit complex if you want something good looking. But bank fishing rod holders require the least tools and are super simple to make.

So, it is better to make a DIY bank fishing rod holder than buy an expensive one. Follow the instructions to make your catfishing game stronger and make your own bank fishing rod holders following the mentioned simple steps.

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