Backpack Fishing Rod And Reel | A Proper Guideline That You Must See

We go on family trips and we enjoy fishing together mostly. Fishing is a fun, relaxing pass time. And if one can have a fishing rod and reel in a backpack to catch the gullible mountain fish there will be no other heavenly feelings at that moment.

It might be a little difficult to balance the fishing rod sometimes if it doesn’t fit the right gear. Those who are fishing enthusiasts can relate very much to it.

Are you confused about rod and reel? That’s why I am going to break it down for you to select the perfect gear.

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How to choose a backpacking fishing Rod?

An ideal fishing rod should be something that will fit into your backpack perfectly. And its other gears should easily take a position in the backpack as well. Bulky and heavy rods and gears can’t be considered as the ideal ones.

Long fishing rods are out of any consideration because this one will get stuck in trees and other obstacles when you are hiking. There are few more features that you need to consider before you select one perfect gear for yourself. I have listed them down below:

Rod Type  

There are few types that can be found in the market if you want to choose one. But you will be looking for those which are easy to fit in and compact in shape. Usually, manufacturers built it as a compact type.

Another type is available in the market which can be dissembled part by part. These are called telescope types. These are known as travel fishing rods. The brief natures of the types are given below:

Telescopic Fishing Rod

First of all, let’s discuss the telescopic fishing rod. It can shrink down in size to fit in your backpack. It can also be turned back to a larger one. Basically, you can give it any shape as you want.

These are usually light in weights and comes in with very high-quality materials and equipment. These are capable of doing anything that a regular casting rod can do. You can easily fit one telescopic fishing rod and reel in a backpack.

Tenkara Fishing Rod

Tenkara rods are considered the latest types and the coolest ones. Because it doesn’t need any reel.  All you need is to plug in the rod, line, and bait. The rods are basically telescopic in nature.

You can fold it or enlarge it when needed. So obviously it’s easier to backpacking a fishing rod. But there is a limitation. You can’t catch all sizes of fish with this one. But apart from that, it’s a great choice indeed.

Reel Type

There are basically three types of reels available in the market. These are also travel rods. The first one is known as the spin-cast reel. It is considered user friendly for beginners because it’s easy to use. There is a button on it.

If you press it will cast the line out and if you release the button it will stop the line. This reel is a very cheap one to come by. But there are few issues that you must keep in mind. This reel isn’t accurate enough and it’s not long enough like other reels.

The second type is the spinning reel. This is known as the medium skill reel. This reel is an open type which means you can see all its important parts and you can touch them when needed. That’s why it’s more accurate than the first one.

This reel is a little more expensive and it’s longer than the spin-cast reel. It’s more suitable for lightweight lines. But this one doesn’t have any button to push which means you can’t start and stop the reel with that. You will have to gain that skill by yourself.

The last type is known as the bait casting reel. These are for the experts. Only those who are skilled enough to use it should buy this one. This is an advanced type of reel. It has longer and stronger.

So you can catch big and heavy fish with the help of it.  It is expensive of all reel. If you are skilled enough you will be able to get the highest accuracy and success after using this reel. That’s why it’s the expert skill reel.

Rod Power

The amount of pressure you give to the fishing rod to make it bend is known as rod power. You will need to bend the rod to catch the fish if it hooks on. You must maintain the tension at that moment. The rod power has three big sections: light, medium, and heavy.

But there are few mentions about the ultra-light and ultra-heavy types. So basically there are five grades of rod power. You have to choose carefully according to your needs.

If you are going to small fishes, then light ones will be perfect. But if you are going for deep-sea fishing you will definitely need the heavy rod.

Rod Length

Now you need to understand what are the pros and cons of the shorter and longer rods. Shorter rods will definitely help you to pack it for its compact size and shape but longer ones are better. Even though shorter rods are considered to have more accuracy, it wouldn’t matter if you try this in open waters.

It will always be easier to transport the shorter rods. So the solution to this puzzle is the collapsible types. This type has both advantages. You can carry it easily and you can have the benefits of loner rods.

Reel Gear Ratio

The reel gear ratio is a very important factor. When you turn the handle, how many turns of the reel you will get is known as the reel gear ratio. You will be tired and your arms will be in pain if you have to do too much work on that.  There are three types of gear ratio: Low, Medium, and High

The low gear is considered as a ratio between 5.1:1 and 5.4:1. In this situation, you will have less torque. This one is suitable for heavy baits and catches more fish than pulls a lot.

The medium gear ratio is considered between 6.1:1 and 6.4:1. In this situation, you will have the advantage of using medium-depth crankbaits and shallow spinnerbaits.

The high gear ratio is considered as a ratio between 7.1:1 and 7.4:1. In this situation, you will have the advantage to catch the fast type of fish. You will have the upper hand using it in the top waters, lipless crankbaits, plastics, and jigs.

When choosing the best fishing pole for backpacking, these are a few of the features that it’s important to consider.

Some best brands for rod and reel

Obviously, you will find a lot of brands claiming they have the best product. But here, I have picked up some really good quality suppliers. They are Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combo, AnglerDream Tenkara Carbon Fiber Fly Fishing Rod, Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod, etc.

You can rely on these brands to get the best product within your budget. They also have an exclusive collection, if you are willing to spend a few more bucks.

Type of Water

Another very important factor you need to consider is the type of water. Some rods are manufactured only to handle freshwater, some are to handle saltwater and some are made to handle both types.

If you don’t use the proper type you might damage your fishing rod and lines. So far the majority are considered for the freshwater types. There is a fishing rod known as a fiberglass fishing rod that works well with crankbaits, jerk baits, and reaction baits.

It can also contain treble hooks. It is a very flexible type that allows the fish to pull further and the hook can go deeper into the water. The carbon fiber rod is mainly used by professional in the freshwater. They are manufactured with a variety of carbon fiber. This results in a very precise casting.


Fishing and backpacking are interrelated to each other for a long time. In modern days it is hard to come by without one another. There will be nothing like the feelings of adventuring in a wild area of a loaded local stream. You can go out anytime if you have a fishing rod and reel in a backpack of yours.

If you ever have a feeling like me that anytime anywhere if you see a fish and your hands are itching to catch it then just plan and head out. The best memories are created by catching fishes. Earlier it was hard with a simple wooden stick. But now technology has advanced and you can find the convenient travel spinning rod anywhere you want.

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