About Faruk Hossain

Faruk Hossain Hi, it’s Me Faruk Hossain a Full-Time health worker in our country a recognized Hospital in Bangladesh. Besides this, I’m the father of my only  Boy Labib and Huband of Gulshan Akter. I have a great passion to work on the internet after my office. and also browsing the internet in the gape of the office. I love to learn a new topic before than others and also share it on my blog. I watch the national geographic channel and read a lot of blogs to know the best way to smooth the fishing carrier for my reader. Fishing is a hobby for a lot of. of people and at the same time a huge amount people engage here their carrier. So I always try to guide you on the best way to journey for fishing in the river or sea. so keep watch on our blog, give your opinion, and always be safe on your fishing journey.